Goals for the Day: Wed. Oct 9

Intro to Art: Social Commentary Collage

I can:

1.  Put the finishing touches on an art piece by eliminating as much negative space as possible.

2.  Create a statement that identifies the meaning behind objects in my collage

We’ve finally made it.  As you finish up your collage today, I want you to try to remember back to the idea (it shouldn’t be too hard) that you came up with for your social collage.  Does the meaning still hold some sort of personal value to you?  Before you turn it in, on the back, I would like you to create a KEY, that identifies the various items and/or objects you’ve added to your collage.  Then, create a statement (1-3 sentences) that gives a reason for WHY this topic is important to you and WHY other people should pay attention to it (the topic).  Don’t forget to title your work and identify the materials.

Ex. Pappas “My Collage” 2013, Magazine clippings, paint, construction paper

Ceramics: Day of the Dead Skulls and Pinch Pot Reviews

I can:

1.  Continue to work on a symmetrical design that uses contrasting colors within it’s design.

2.  Fairly evaluate the quality of craftsmanship of my pinch pots.

Journal Self Reflection:  After using the glaze, what if any issues did you have now that the glaze has been fired?  What types of experiments would you like to see done with glaze in the future?

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