Goals for the Day: Fri. Oct 11

End of the card marking time.  Whether you’re in a class that is ending a big project, or just starting something new, think  about some of the pieces you’ve created in the past 6 weeks.  What do they say about your experience in your class so far?  I know one issue that I’ve talked about in my Intro class is PRIDE.  Do you have pride in the work you’ve completed so far?  If your unsure, think about what you could do to focus more in on completing your work with a better sense of satisfaction.

Intro to Art: End of the Card Marking

I can:

1.  Reflect back on past work, and determine my strengths and weaknesses on a piece of art that I created.

2.  Solve issues involving visual BALANCE.

While we have a shortened class again on a Friday, try to keep track of the concept of BALANCE while creating this new project.

Journal Self-Reflection:  Take a look back at both projects we worked on this CM, the UNIQUE 3-D COLOR WHEEL and your SOCIAL COMMENTARY COLLAGE.  Are you satisfied with the end result of your work?  Whether you are or aren’t, identify SPECIFIC characteristics in both projects that make you feel that way.  In short, what is it about the two major projects that we’ve completed that leaves you satisfied or unsatisfied?


Ceramics: Day of the Dead Skulls and Pinch Pot Reviews

I can:

1.  Finish my symmetrical design that uses contrasting colors within it’s design.

2.  Reflect on prior works and judge their success

Today we get a chance to focus on the results of our glazing experiment.  Take a minute or two today to examine how well the glaze worked.  Do you notice and subtle changes?  Did the glaze come out the way you intended?  Compare you results to the “5 things…” worksheet handed out a while ago.

Journal Self Reflection:  After using the glaze, what if any issues did you have now that the glaze has been fired?  What types of experiments would you like to see done with glaze in the future?

Painting: Personal Object Still Life

I can:

1.  Put the finishing touches on a personal painting.

2.  Reflect on the success of my choices made during painting my piece.

While on your goal sheets, you may have been missing the point of reflecting on your strongest/weakest techniques, I really would like you to go back and think about the object you choose for this painting.

Journal Self Reflection:  Out of all the objects you would’ve chose, why this one?  Does it have a specific meaning to you?  Was it the first thing you picked out?  Since this is the 2nd piece we’ve done, I would like to know what characteristics of the painting you noticed were either easier/harder to do with ACRYLIC paint.

Drawing: Value Grid Enlargement

I can:

1.  Properly put the finishing touches on a portfolio piece.

As we finish the piece we’ve been working on this week, I would like to take some time out of class to really talk about what a PORTFOLIO PIECE really means, should look like, and the purpose of it.  Use the discussion that we have in class to put notes on the back of your piece to keep track throughout the next few months, we WILL be revisiting it.

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