New Card Marking: Goals for the Day; Mon. Oct. 14

A new start for all of us!

Intro to Art: Abstract Form Study

I can:

1.  Solve issues using BALANCE

2.  Properly use new media (WATERCOLOR) to blend different VALUES

First things first, lets take a look at the sketchbook assignment, which will be due, NEXT FRIDAY.  We will also discuss your upcoming quiz and binder schedule so that you know what to expect from this card marking.

With all of that said, we will take a look at a new media today.  Some of you have already had experiences with watercolor, however today I will demonstrate some techniques that will ensure you have a successful experience!


Ceramics: Introduction to Using Pattern and Tessellations

I can:

1. Properly identify a PATTERN and what purpose it serves.

2. Create a TESSELLATION pattern that will be used for a ceramic piece.

Make sure before you start, that you have a copy of the Tessellation handout!  That will eliminate many concerns or questions that you have in the future.

I want you to be thinking about what a pattern looks like in the design sense.  Think about ways that you can make patterns with everyday things.


Painting:  Watercolor Technique Introduction

I can:

1.  Identify the different characteristics of watercolor techniques.

2.  Experiment with a specific set of techniques to master watercolor.

Make sure that before you start anything, you are using the Watercolor Handout as a reference for the specific techniques we will be using.  While these seem simple, many times people rush through and don’t have a successful experience.


Drawing:  Using Different Value Building Techniques

I can:

1.  Identify different VALUE techniques

2.  Use each VALUE technique in a still life drawing to build a realistic image.

5 min Drawing:  Geometric Still Life  Take the first 5 minutes to create 2 geometric shape still life, each still life should have:

  • at least 5 3-D shapes/forms
  • at least 2 overlapping forms

Using the 2 handouts, use the next 2 days to practice all 4 techniques within your two drawings.  Each technique should be represented, so in summary, you will at least being using each type, 2 times.

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