Goals for the Day: Mon. Oct. 21

Intro to Art: Visual Song Lyrics

Think about how sound waves look at different volumes.

I can:

· Effectively use balance in my own personal piece
· Create a visual theme that matches musical characteristics.

…at the end of the class, make sure you can talk about whether or not your is drawing balanced?  Ask yourself, have I filled the entire paper with the abstract form(s)?

Ceramics: Free Standing/Hanging Tessellation

I can:

  • Identify the 3 types of Tessellation patterns
  • Describe what characteristics make up a Tessellation pattern

You will be creating a ceramic pattern that is either free-standing or can be hung on the wall.  Make sure you check out the specific criteria on the board before you start.

Painting:  Watercolor Pencil Still Life

I can:

  • Learn to use new media to get desired painterly effects
  • Effectively blend colors to create a still life.

Today we will be working with watercolor pencil media.  Take careful note of the techniques used in today’s class as well as the attached video:

Drawing: Geometric Value Study Critique

I can:

  • Define the 4 types of value rendering techniques.
  • Practice using these techniques on a drawing of my own.

Our main goal for today is to have a group discussion on some of the successful techniques that we observe during today’s critique, as well as personally pointing out 5 aspects that could be rendered a bit stronger.




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