Goals for the Day: Tues. Oct. 22

Intro to Art: Visual Song Lyrics
I can:
· Effectively use balance in my own personal piece
· Create a sense of balance with a textual element in my personal piece

Before you start today, I’d like you to rate yourself on your plan for adding the lyric bubbles. If you haven’t found specific lyric yet, today is the day to get that done. Towards the end of the hour, we will revisit your plan and see if there is any changes in your approach.

Ceramics: Tessellation Wall Hanging

I can:

  • Identify the 3 types of Tessellation patterns
  • Describe what characteristics make up a Tessellation pattern.

Today we will continue working on making our piece either freestanding or hang-able.  I also will do a quick demonstration on decorating techniques that are a bit different from the “traditional” painting methods we’ve used before, so keep some of these in mind as your designing.

Painting:  Watercolor Pencil Still Life

I can:

  • Learn to use new media to get desired painterly effects
  • Effectively blend colors to create a still life.

We are going to continue to refer to the video we were following yesterday.  As you add the additional layer of color to this still life, I want you to think about and reflect the differences from the first to second layers.

Drawing: Paper Bag Still Life

I can:

  • Define the 4 types of value rendering techniques.
  • Demonstrate my understanding of using these techniques on a portfolio drawing of my own.

This portfolio piece is not only about your observational habits, but also about choosing a technique that you feel the most comfortable with.  This is a 2 WK drawing, which means there will be some down time.  I’d like to set some time aside for meeting with you guys (individually or by group) to see what concerns or criticisms you might have with your work.

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