Goals for the Day: Fri. Oct. 25

Intro to Art: Visual Song Lyrics
I can:
· Effectively use balance in my own personal piece
· Create a sense of balance with a textual element in my personal piece

As you continue working on your piece, I would like to look back at your rating you gave yourself Tuesday.  This week’s reflection will involve comparing where you are at now, as opposed to where you were at Tuesday.

Journal Self-Reflection:  Take a look at the rating you gave yourself on Tuesday.  Compared to where you are at, RIGHT NOW, do you feel you’ve reached your goal that you set out to make?  Give me 3 sentences or more describing why or why not.

Ceramics: Tessellation Quiz

I can:

  • Identify the 3 types of Tessellation patterns
  • Describe what characteristics make up a Tessellation pattern.

You will need the whole hour for this group quiz, so we don’t have a lot of time to waste.  Once you get settled, I will display the requirements for the quiz, and as a group you can get started.  I will be walking around the room to helping wherever I can, however TODAY’S GOALS ARE WHAT YOU NEED TO KEEP IN MIND AS YOU WORK TOGETHER IN GROUPS!!!


Painting: Narrative Collage

I can:

  • Create a collage
  • Identify specific narrative themes in historical art.

Today you will have the full hour to create a Narrative piece of art from materials and magazines here in the room.  I will demo really easy techniques to use the Modge Podge, however, I really want you guys to focus on the list we made yesterday (see the board).

You need to pick at least 5 ideas from that list to include in your piece for full credit, the breakdown of points will look like this:

  • 5 ideas and no white space = 40 pts
  • 3-4 ideas and no white space = 30 pts
  • 1-2 ideas and no white space = 20 pts

as you can see, using the WHOLE paper is extremely important today, so make sure that you fill the negative space.

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