Goals for the Day: Mon. Oct 27

Intro to Art: Visual Song Lyrics
I can:
· Effectively use balance in my own personal piece
· Create a sense of balance with a textual element in my personal piece

Today is completion day.  As you put the finishing touches on your work, make sure to review all the specifics written on the board that were needed to have a complete piece.

Before you hand in your work, be sure do write down the name of the song, the artist, and a brief sentence or two describing why you chose this specific song/verse.

Ceramics: Tessellation Quiz

I can:

  • Identify the 3 types of Tessellation patterns
  • Describe what characteristics make up a Tessellation pattern.

The groups from last week will get a few minutes to put the finishing touches on their board.  Make sure to review the checklist before you turn in any of your work to make sure your group receives the maximum amount of points.

Painting: Narrative Collage

I can:

  • Choose media, techniques and processes that best serve my art, and the communication of my ideas. 
  • Exercise the following skill sets: under painting, monochrome coloration, washes, staining, glazing,mixing values, dry brushing, blending etc.

Working with the collage you made last week, you will make the best decision considering tools and materials to create a duplicate piece, only this time you will be painting the piece.

Drawing: Paper Bag Still Life

I can:

  • Define the 4 types of value rendering techniques.
  • Demonstrate my understanding of using these techniques on a portfolio drawing of my own.

We are officially in the homestretch of this drawing.  As we start to finish up things, I want you guys to consider some of the negative space around the bags.

Is there anything you can do to bring in more value to create a more realistic piece? What did you do today that brought the work to a place where you can understand what is going to happen? How can you continue this forward movement Tuesday?

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