Goals for the Day: Thurs. Oct. 31

Intro to Art: Perspective Drawing

I can:

  • Use specific characteristics of a 1pt perspective drawing to…
  • Draw a unique 1pt perspective drawing.

Ceramics: How to Build a Container

I can:

  • Create a template (pattern) to create a 3-D container
  • Execute my ideas three dimensionally with clay/paper

Painting: Piece Swap Art Show

I can:

  • Discuss various ideas of what art is and why artists make art
  • Pre-plan ideas that will be used to start a COMMISSIONED piece

What is Art?  What is art?

Those are some deep questions?  Today we are going to discuss those ideas together, because we will soon being using some of the thoughts we come up with as we prepare for our winter art show.

Sometimes, art can be difficult to pinpoint what it actually is…

Check out a couple more Banksy videos

Drawing: Paper Bag Still Life

I can:

  • Define the 4 types of value rendering techniques.
  • Demonstrate my understanding of using these techniques on a portfolio drawing of my own.

Finally!!! Whew, if you’ve stayed the course over the past few days, today should feel like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders.  Before you turn in your works, remember that you need to have a photograph of your drawing for tomorrows class.

I am also going to link to some helpful sites that can get you started on creating a Google account, and how to upload, share, and work with other people using Google Drive.

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