Goals for the Day: Fri. Nov. 1

Intro to Art: Perspective Drawing

I can:

  • Use specific characteristics of a 1pt perspective drawing to…
  • Draw a unique 1pt perspective drawing.

Journal Self-Reflection: 1 PT Perspective Since we’ve started 1PT perspective drawing, I would like to hear from you about what steps you had the most success with and what areas you feel like you’ve struggled with.

(ex. I really liked erasing construction lines but struggled trying to help others at my table.)

Ceramics: The Purge & Slab Containers

They must’ve been talking about Ceramics, right!?!

I can:

  • Use my template (pattern) to create a 3-D container
  • Execute my ideas three dimensionally with clay

We will be “demo-ing” the construction for a cylindrical container today.  It won’t take the full hour, however, today was the date that your Tessellation projects were also due.  Because we are starting to get an abundance of left over projects, you will have the chance to clear them out once the demo is over.  Anything left over or found projects in the trash will result in 5pts being deducted from your final grade on the tessellation project.

Painting: Piece Swap Calendar and Theme Discussion

I can:

  • Plan out my ideas for a commissioned piece
  • Understand and stick to specific deadlines

Make sure that you have a calendar before the start of class.

We will be discussing the theme and specifications more in detail today, as well as, reviewing IMPORTANT dates and grading for each part of the project.  It is so important today that you are ready to listen and ask question!!!

Drawing: Digital Critique Day

Did you hit your TARGETS?

I can:

  • describe the creation of images and ideas and explain why they are of value
  • communicate ideas clearly

Today you will be critiquing each others work.  Once you’ve shared your image with me, you will get access to a shared document in which you will respond to a few questions, and then share your critique form with another student in class.

Directions for the critique form are on the CRITIQUE DOCUMENT.

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