Goals for the Day: Mon. Nov. 4

Intro to Art: City Block in Perspective


I can:

  • Create a 1PT perspective drawing
  • Show my understanding and properly use demonstrated techniques

Today we will be starting a 1PT perspective drawing that you guys will have the freedom over putting things where you want them.  Before you start, make sure to write down the specific criteria on the back of your paper so you can keep track of your progress.

Ceramics: Cylindrical Container

I can:

  • Use a pattern to create a 3-D object
  • Properly use new techniques to keep my project free-standing


Painting: Piece Swap Art Show

I can:

  • Plan out my ideas for a commissioned piece
  • Understand and stick to specific deadlines

Today you have your 5 ideas that are due.  Make sure that by the end of class, we have met to discuss a path to take while creating your piece for the show.  At the end of this week, we have a Photo Critique that will be extremely important to the progress of this piece.

Drawing: Art & Fear Ch. 1

I can:

  • Identify the rationale behind making art
  • Communicate ideas clearly

Make sure that before you leave today, you are comfortable with gaining access to the Edmodo site that has been set up to discuss the reading for this week. Your reading for tonight is Ch. 1 which is available to download under the DRAWING tab at the top of the page.  Once you’ve gained access to the reading, make sure that you’ve taken a look at some of the questions.  They will need to be turned in before this Wed. class.

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