Goals for the Day: Wed. Nov. 6

Intro to Art: City Block in Perspective

I can:

  • Create a 1PT perspective drawing
  • Show my understanding and properly use demonstrated techniques

Once you’ve finished with the drawing, make sure that you’ve copied down the checklist and you have all the necessary criteria in your drawing to get full credit.  Remember there is a chance to make up some extra points with details and color, so take advantage of that if you get done early.

Ceramics: Cylindrical Container

I can:

  • Use a pattern to create a 3-D object
  • Properly use new techniques to keep my project free-standing

The majority of you will or have already completed this step, however, to create the lid portion of this container, the clay needs to be leather hard.  You’ll be hearing the sub say this throughout the class, because…IT’S IMPORTANT.  So make sure you wet your clay and store it in a plastic bag to ensure that it will get to that stage.

Painting: Piece Swap Art Show

I can:

  • Plan out my ideas for a commissioned piece
  • Understand and stick to specific deadlines

From the 5 ideas we talked about from last class, today you will be coming up with your thumbnail/brainstorming sketch, which by the way will be due AT THE END OF THE HOUR.

Remember the specifics that you need to identify within your drawing/writing:

  • What is the gift you are representing? (5 pts)
  • What is the textual element you’re using? (5 pts)
  • How are you planning on incorporating this into a gift that you will give to someone else? (5 pts)

Drawing: Art & Fear Ch. 3 Fear About Yourself

I can:

  • Identify the rationale behind making art
  • Communicate ideas clearly

Today you will be working on Ch. 3, from the handout.  The discussion questions will be due Friday, however I really want you to think about what it is that the text is talking about, can this be applied to more than just art?

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