Goals for the Day: Thurs. Nov. 7

Intro to Art: 2 PT Perspective Drawing

Think you can do this…maybe not at the start, but by the end of the day you sure will!

I can:

  • Use specific characteristics of a 2pt perspective drawing to…
  • Draw a unique 2pt perspective drawing.

We are back at it again today with Perspective drawing.  Make sure you have your materials ready to go and we will start in as soon as the bell rings!  No time to waste.

Ceramics: Slab Containers (attaching the Lid)

I can:

  • Use my pattern design to attach a lid to my container

Very basic, simple, but extremely important step today.  We will be cutting through our cylindrical containers to create the lid.  If we have time we will be discussing using slip as a decoration material.

Painting: Piece Swap Work Day

I can:

  • Build a personal piece from a thumbnail idea
  • Continue to set and work towards scheduled goals

Very simple…we are discussing your thumbnail drawings that were due yesterday.

  • Do you have every bit of information that you need to move forward? 
  • Have you solved the issues that revolve around the theme for this show?

Remember, tomorrow is your first photo critique, something needs to be produced for our class meeting, so don’t procrastinate!

Drawing: Art and Fear CH. 1 Discussion

I can:

Discuss the differences between

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