Goals for the Day: Fri. Nov. 8

Intro to Art: 2 PT Perspective Drawing

Think you can do this…maybe not at the start, but by the end of the day you sure will!

I can:

  • Use specific characteristics of a 2pt perspective drawing to…
  • Draw a unique 2pt perspective drawing.

We are going to try to get two concepts done today, so be ready to work as soon as the bell sounds today.  We are going to hold off on the self-reflection today and address it next week when we start our next drawing.

Ceramics: Slab Containers (using Slip as a decoration

I can:

  • Use my pattern design to attach a lid to my container
  • Use slip to carry out a basic decoration design

Very basic, simple, but extremely important step today.  We will be cutting through our cylindrical containers to create the lid.  If we have time we will be discussing using slip as a decoration material.

Painting: Piece Swap Work Day

I can:

  • Use input from a critique towards successfully reaching my goals
  • Continue to set and work towards scheduled goals

Today we go over the work that you have been starting today.  Remember these deadlines are incredibly important to the success of your finished piece.  While missing one might not hurt the final project, it may damage your final grade.

  • Do you have every bit of information that you need to move forward? 
  • Have you solved the issues that revolve around the theme for this show?


Drawing: Art and Fear CH. 3 Discussion

I can:

  • discuss meanings and show understanding of the work of various art professionals
  • compare aspects of the visual arts with aspects of other disciplines

Today we will be listening and discussing the first part of CH. 3 in Art & Fear.  As we review some of the ideas the author discusses, think about your own fears within your work.  Do some of these concepts have any truth?

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