Goals for the Day: Tues. Nov. 12

Intro to Art: 2 PT. Perspective Drawing

Frank Lloyd Wrights, “Falling Water” house

I can:

  • Use specific characteristics of a 2pt perspective drawing to…
  • Draw a unique 2pt perspective drawing.

What do you think about Mr. Wright’s building?  We will be working on some of the aspects of design that Frank Lloyd Wright used when creating this building.  Think about the approach that you are going to take when drawing these cantilevers during class today, what would you advice someone who has never drawn in perspective to follow, so that they have a successful experience?

Journal Self-Reflection: Start to think about the differences between 1PT and 2PT Perspective drawing.

Ceramics: Cylindrical Container w/Slip Design

Granted, some of these designs have glaze mixed with them, what could you do to create some of these with slip?

I can:

  • Use my pattern design to attach a lid to my container
  • Use slip to carry out a basic decoration design

We are aiming for a firing day tomorrow, so make sure that by the end of the class, your projects are drying out to be put into the kiln for tomorrow’s hour.  Make sure you have the necessary stamp, or initials to identify both parts to your container (lid & cylinder).  While the kiln is on tomorrow, we will be working on our box design, so make sure you have your template or spend some left over time creating a new one.

Painting: Piece Swap Art Show Photo Critique #2

I can:

  • Use input from a critique towards successfully reaching my goals
  • Continue to set and work towards scheduled goals

Today we will review the progress that you’ve made since last week.  Remember these deadlines are incredibly important to the success of your finished piece.  While missing one might not hurt the final project, it may damage your final grade.

  • Do you have every bit of information that you need to move forward? 
  • Have you solved the issues that revolve around the theme for this show?

Drawing: Colored Pencil Techniques

I can:

  • Properly use new materials to achieve a desired result.
  • Discuss the techniques using proper terms and vocabulary


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