Goals for the Day: Fri. Nov. 22

Intro to Art: 2 PT Perspective Hallway Drawings

I can:

  • Form criticisms about artworks that work to accomplish personal meaning.
  • Describe meanings of artworks by analyzing.

Review with neighbors the progress of creating a perspective drawing and the proper use of 2 point perspective. What are the big challenges you might face with the finding a hallway view?

We end up finishing this project today, so make sure you have a copy of the rubric attached to the back of your drawing.  Remember, setting goals for yourself is so important when talking about “good” or SUCCESSFUL projects.  Have you done that so far?

Ceramics: Slab Cube Construction

I can:

  • Apply acquired knowledge and skill to the creative problem solving process
  • Responsibly and safely manage materials and tools.

Firing will take place today and Wednesday, so how are you going to use this information to reach your deadline.  Also, this Friday will be our last BINDER CHECK of the card marking.  The end of the card marking means checking up to make sure we are as organized as possible to keep our projects from having successful outcomes.

Self-Reflection Journal:  Throughout the week I would like you to think about some of the issues you ran into with your cylindrical container.  How have you avoided running into these issues with your box project?  If you had the same issues, what might concerns do you have when creating?  Is it the materials? The construction method? Explain.

Painting: Piece Swap Work Day

I can:

  • Use input from a critique towards successfully reaching my goals
  • Learn the significance of writing an ARTIST STATEMENT

statements should be turned in by 12:00 today. IF you have a hand held device you can check through the Google app to make sure you all the necessary information

Drawing: Marble Still Life

I can:

  • Create multiple solutions to visual challenges that show understanding in relationship between new materials and techniques
  • Be able to discuss my decisions by using appropriate terms and vocabulary

Weekly Self-Reflection Journal Topic:  With 2 card markings in the books now, how do you feel your work has progressed from DAY 1?  I know we have done some “non-traditional” activities, like…READING, but has any of the discussed concepts/ideas sparked some things to think about?  Can you apply any of this to other classes or situations happening in your everyday life?

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