Goals for the Day: Mon. Nov. 24

Intro to Art: Creating Shapes with Lines

I can:

  • Identify specific characteristics of LINES
  • Use lines to create a 3-D shape

Short week here in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean we are going to take it easy.  We will continue working with LINE, however for the next few days we will discussing ways to create SHAPES with those lines.

Journal Self-Reflection:  What happens when the segments are divided into smaller portions within your axis?  What would happen to the shape if you miss numbered your marks?  What would happen to the shape?

Ceramics: Hump Mold Bowls

I can:

  • Learn the proper techniques for mixing plaster.
  • Discuss the properties and significance of plaster’s qualities.

We will be doing some demos with plaster and the hump mold technique.  Remember, this is just one of many ways to use a mold as a base to build off of.  There are ways to alter the steps, but they have to make sense.

Journal Self-Reflection: What types of properties does mixed plaster have?  What happens if the mixing ratios are off?

Painting: Piece Swap Art Show

I can:

  • Use input from a critique towards successfully reaching my goals

The end is near!  Try to keep focus though, what do you need to do differently today than you’ve done in the past 2 weeks?

Drawing: Art & Fear CH 2

I can:

  • Discuss reason for making art 
  • Back up those reasons with sound ideas based upon real concepts


We will be starting our next chapter in the reading.  If you didn’t know, discussion questions are already posted on line at our Edmodo site.  While we will do a little guided reading this week, make sure that you are coming prepared to discuss the ideas that we touch on throughout the reading.

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