“You won’t be happy with more until you’re happy with what you’ve got.” – Viki King (author, writer, speaker)

Intro to Art: Line Shapes

Isn’t it interesting how a simple element like line can be used to create dimension and space.

I can:

  • Identify specific characteristics of LINES
  • Use lines to create a 3-D shape

Ceramics: Hump Mold Bowls

How can you use texture in your design of a molded bowl? What issues might you run into preserving the texture?

I can:

  • Properly maintain a mold to work with.
  • Build a piece using a new but familiar technique.

Painting: Review (RELEARN) Watercolor Techniques

Think about how you might use this visual collection of watercolor techniques to achieve the types of affects you seek for a future painting.

I can:

  • Create a guide to base future paintings off of.
  • Practice various brush control techniques.

Drawing: Advance Perspective Techniques

Think back to last week’s reading. Why is a scene like the one above such a struggle for most artists to create? Would you even think about this angle as a way to present this drawing?

I can:

  • Identify specific characteristics of a 2pt perspective drawing.
  • Draw a 2pt perspective drawing 

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