Goals for the Day: Thurs. Dec. 5

Intro to Art: Line Shapes using Apparent Overlapping

I can:

  • Use overlapping lines to create the illusion of PERSPECTIVE
  • Concentrate on one specific area of my art

    Notice how the shapes are OVERLAPPING each other. What does this do for the composition? Think about the way you would recreate this if you had to, what areas would you start with?


Ceramics: Leaf Shaped Bowls

I can:

  • Control multiple consistencies of clay for the purpose of carrying out a design
  • Work with slab patterns to build a bowl from a mold
Notice here how the leaves have NEGATIVE SPACE between each other. While this might not be functional, what other types of patterns might work with this method of construction?

Painting: Watercolor Brush Control Techniques

I can:

  • control the brush to mimic painterly lines

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Drawing: Observation Perspective

I can:

  • observe 2PT Perspective by referring to specific details in an image
  • create detail marks that improve the realistic nature of my observational drawing

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