Goals for the Day: Fri. Dec. 6

Intro to Art: Line Shapes

I can:

  • Use compound axes to create a series of line shapes
  • Use APPARENT OVERLAPPING to create the illusion of depth and space

Journal Self-Reflection:  Obtuse or Acute axes?  Dots or Dashes?  Numbers or No Numbers?  Creating 3-D shapes from a series of lines is difficult and confusing, however we all have our little routines that we prefer.  Before you start today, considering what today’s activity will revolve around, I’d like to here from you on one thing that was incredibly easy this week, and one thing that you struggle to get a hold of.  Use some of the ideas from the beginning to answer this question fully

Ceramics: Hump Mold Bowls

I can:

  • Continue to use hump molds to create a bowl
  • Use a previously designed pattern to create a 3-D form

Painting: Painting with Washes

I can:

  • Use watercolor to control a WASH
  • Create blends of 2 colors inside a WASH

Drawing: Observational 2PT Perspective

Friday is here and the time is right – for not being overwhelmed by all that I still have to do!

I can:

  • Choose the best angle to observe a 2PT Perspective scene
  • Use perspective skills to locate edges, diagonal, and vanishing points

Journal Self-Reflection: With your neighbor and on your goal sheet…what did you feel about the process of Perspective Drawing?  How do you think it might help you prepare yourself for drawing the human figure?  What was FUN? What was challenging?

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