Intro to Art: Final Lined Shapes Composition

I can:

  • Create my composition using the plan I previously created
  • Refer to previously learned techniques to carry out my ideas visually on a final piece.


We are approaching the end quickly, I’d like you to think about the class time you’ve used to create your plan, think about who you’re going to finish this project up. 

Ceramics: Final Hump Mold Project

I can:

  • Create a plan for a new project by creating a calendar of important dates.
  • Research important information that will be the basis for my new project

Some have started, some are in the process of starting, what will you do to make this time frame-work for you?

Painting: Watercolor Finishes

I can:

  • create a grid that better explains the interaction of various watercolors with each other
  • maintain a high level of consistency in my watercolor work

Our final day working with TECHNIQUES, I’d like you to reflect back on the many different styles that you’ve practiced.  Which techniques did you have the most success with?

Is there anything you can do to better plan or predict what the results may look like when you add these new materials?


Drawing: 2 PT Perspective Observational Drawing

I can:

  • Properly identify the characteristics of using a new tool (pen)
  • Manipulate the tool in ways that my desired outcome is actually reached

Pen and ink day, again.  We will be spending some time using pen to create a variety of textures.  While this tool can be simple, using it in a way that creates a specific outcome may be difficult at first.  Stay the course and concentrate on the process.

Throughout today’s class, make sure you are comfortable with the answers that we go over.  If something doesn’t make sense, ask for a better explanation.

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