Goals for the Day: Fri. Dec. 13

Intro to Art: Final Lined Shapes Composition

I can:

  • Create my composition using the plan I previously created
  • Refer to previously learned techniques to carry out my ideas visually on a final piece.


Now that we are finishing up this project, I’d like you to take some time to reflect on the PROCESS of creating these shapes.

Journal Self-Reflection:  Honestly…what was it, now that you’ve created your own composition, that really made you feel like there was never going to be a way you would finish this.  If you still don’t feel confident in your design, tell me what or why sticks out as the most disturbing characteristic to this style of art.

Ceramics: Final Hump Mold Project

I can:

  • Create a plan for a new project by creating a calendar of important dates.
  • Research important information that will be the basis for my new project

Some have started, some are in the process of starting, what will you do to make this time frame-work for you?

Painting: Watercolor Study

I can:

  • use the previously practiced techniques on an actual watercolor painting
  • maintain a high level of consistency in my watercolor work

Today we will be starting an actual painting.  More importantly, a STUDY, in which you will try to match up the marks your going to make with the marks the artist made.  Before you start with any paint, observe how the artist used the techniques we’ve been practicing to carry out their idea.

Drawing: 2 PT Perspective Observational Drawing

I can:

  • Properly use pen to carry out specific texture designs
  • Manipulate the tool in ways that my desired outcome is actually reached

Now you work on your own.  Using the new texture sheet, practice the pen and ink techniques to create a specific form that carries out the ideas that we have been discussing and practicing throughout the week.


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