Genius is never understood in it’s own time- Calvin

Way over your head…or right at eye level?

Intro to Art: What is Pattern

I can:

  • Discuss characteristics of a Tessellation
  • Create a tessellation pattern 

1st HR: The handout is going to be new to you guys, so look over both sides before you get started.  I would like you to work on the ROTATION tessellation for today’s class.  Create a 6 square grid, and fill each box with the ROTATIONAL tessellation making sure that there is no negative space.

tweet your results to @mrpappasteach or email (25pts)*

6th HR: Since we’ve already worked on rotation together, at your tables, I would like to see how you guys can put together the REFLECTIVE tessellation on your own.  Following the same guidelines as yesterday (6 square grid) use the post it notes to create your own REFLECTIVE tessellation.

tweet your results to @mrpappasteach or email (25pts)*

*bonus points will be given to those that tweet the actual making of their patterns.

Ceramics: Final Holiday Hump Bowl

I can:

  • Follow my previously determined plan for my final project
  • Take advice/criticisms that will help in the completion of my project and better communicate my original concept.

Unfortunately I am unable to make it in today, which means the firing of the kiln will be pushed back one more day (until Friday).  We will have to take a look at the schedule and come up with an agreement on how the due date will affect everyone when I get back.

Think about what a fair date would be for not only your project but your classmates, tweet/email responses to @mrpappasteach or

Painting: Watercolor Study

I can:

  • use the previously practiced techniques on an actual watercolor painting (study)
  • maintain a high level of consistency in my watercolor work

Links to both the watercolor paintings can be found here and here

Drawing: Pen & Ink Textures

I can:

  • Identify specific characteristics of a pen and ink drawing.
  • Form criticism about artworks that work to accomplish personal meanings.

We will continue working on your hallway pen & ink drawings to be turned in for this Friday.

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