Intro to Art: Introduction to Basic Drawing

I can:

  1. Continue work with different types of VALUE SCALES
  2. Create a CONTOUR line drawing

Today we will take a look at one of the drawing styles we discussed last week.  Using Picasso’s “Seated Man” you will work to create you own version of blind contour drawing.  We will also take a look at this week’s Sketchbook assignment (WK #3) and discuss any issues coming up with completing this week’s work.

Ceramics: Introduction to Glaze

I can:

  1. Creatively solve a problem that may have multiple solutions
  2. Explain the choices I’ve made to arrive at the solution

We will briefly review some of the binder information today, however more importantly we will be taking…or maybe experimenting with an interesting style of QUIZ.

Painting: Keith Haring Art

I can:

  • Create a plan that will guide me through the completion of my ideas
  • Identify specific characteristics of famous art


Drawing: “Finding Your Own Work”

I can:

Discuss the ideas that both help and hold me back from creating MY own work.

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