Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating” – John Cleese

Intro to Art: Introduction to Watercolor

I can:

  1. Practice using the medium WATERCOLOR
  2. Discuss the differences between various WATERCOLOR techniques

We will continue to work with the watercolor techniques from yesterday’s class, so while it may seem you don’t need your sketchbook, make sure you have it.  We will also be discussing the specifics to your final project for this card marking…the CONTOUR SELF PORTRAIT.

student work

Ceramics: Wax Melter

I can:

  1. Identify the various part/elements in a GLAZE
  2. Explain the outcomes of most basic GLAZE colors

Make sure you pick up both handouts from the front of the room and refer to them throughout the glazing portion of this course.  They will come in handy when trying to make decisions about your next move.

Painting: Keith Haring Art

I can:

  • Create a plan that will guide me through the completion of my ideas
  • Identify specific characteristics of famous art

If your confused as to what the PURPOSE or MAIN GOAL might be, refer back to your notes, or look at the presentation here.

Today’s main focus should be to use the lab time to create a plan for your painting and reference that you will use.

Here are the video links from the previous videos:

Drawing: Structure

I can:

  1. Discuss the various types of forms and how they relate to figure drawing.

Make sure you grab the handout(s) for this week.  We will be putting a ton of information through its paces to build on a final drawing for next week’s class time.  This final drawing will be treated like an “end of the unit test” so while we take some time on each of this week’s topics, it is really important to make sure things make sense.

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