“Everyone gets stuck in the process of creating. It’s the great among us who religiously practice getting unstuck.”- Keith Yamashita

Intro to Art: Contour Line Self-Portrait

I can:

  1. add different watercolor values to a piece, using previously learned techniques
  2. add depth and definition to my contour line drawing with Sharpie

Let’s take a look at what is coming up for this week, so that Fri. there are no surprises as to what will be turned in.  Don’t forget about last week’s Journal Reflection.

Ceramics: Wax Melter Challenge

I can:

  1. Create a plan that will guide me through the completion of my ideas
  2. Apply media, technique, and process with skill and confidence


I cannot stress enough how important it is that you have a plan moving forward with your work.  Some have already started, ignoring this step, and are already running into issues.  Most are on course, but quickly approaching decisions that would be much easier, if they have had the decision already made from there plan.  Don’t give up!  Don’t TRY NOT TO FAIL! TRY TO DO.

Painting: Keith Haring Art

I can:

  • Create a plan that will guide me through the completion of my ideas
  • Apply media, technique, and process with skill and confidence

Think about the process you are taking wrapping up this painting of yours.  While you were the one responsible for making decisions, marks, and carrying out your vision, has anything stood in your way that might be holding back your true feelings about this painting?

If your confused as to what the PURPOSE or MAIN GOAL might be, refer back to your notes, or look at the presentation here.

Drawing: Timed Structure Drawing Quiz

I can:

  1. Show my understanding of the human anatomy by identifying specific landmarks on my drawing
  2. Prove my understanding of basic figure drawing techniques with a timed drawing

Take a look at the above before we get started.  While this QUIZ is not like a traditional quiz, in the same mind, I am testing your knowledge and your capabilities to build of the weekly practice we have had throughout this card marking.  Use your handouts/binders as a guide throughout this process today.

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