“Instead of reflecting on the past, predict the future.” —Chris Guillebeau

Intro to Art: The “NEW” Contour Line Project

I can:

  1. Create a PLAN that I will follow to complete my artistic vision in a specific time period

  2. Base this plan on the SPECIFIC CRITERIA outlined for the project, making no adjustments

OK…a quick little demo to start off the hour (like we agreed), and then off to the races.  Remember, since the goals look similar today as they were yesterday, try not get caught in the habit of just writing SAME.

Remember where you originally believed you would be at 50% complete this week…starting today, what do you have to do to keep that pace and get the extra points?

Ceramics: “Open Sesame” Face-Off Challenge

I can:

  1. evaluate another artists work by describing the strengths and weakness that are present

Painting: Hero-Glyphics Challenge

I can:

  1. Identify a fictional story that will be the plan for my painting
  2. Design both a PROTAGONIST and ANTAGONIST character to effectively communicate the story to the viewer

 Since today is a RESEARCH day, follow this LINK, to a the folder of work that you can refer to when creating your plan.  There you will find a list of important comic book events that you can consider for painting.
Also, if you forget any of the information about the artist, Josh Lane, you can refer to his website, or this article about his series “Hero-Glyphics.”

or this article.

Drawing: Robo-Bean Practice

I can:

  1. Identify the LANDMARKS on the human anatomy

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