“You don’t need anyone else’s permission to create. Greenlight yourself and get to work.” -Charlie Todd, Founder of Improv Everywhere

Intro To Art: Procrastination Comic

I can:

  1. SUMMARIZE the meaning of the article “How to Make Yourself work…”
  2. CREATE a 3 PANEL comic ILLUSTRATING my summary

Ceramics: “Open Sesame” Face-Off Challenge and Painting: Hero-Glypics Challenge

I can:

  1. Comprehend the process of making a plan by ORGANIZING my strategy for this project

Since both classes are in the same boat, it is going to be business as usual.  Please remember not to forget to mark of your progress as you move through your ACTION PLAN steps.  You spent the time to create one, so don’t leave it alone until the very end.


Drawing: Envelope Measuring Technique Practice

I can:

  1. DEMONSTRATE my understanding of drawing SIGHT FOR SIZE by using the ENVELOPE measuring technique.

Like the video said, these practices will be due at the end of the hour, so please, work diligently.  We will be looking over them tomorrow during class to correct your mistakes, but NO ASSIGMENTS will be correct if they are LATE.

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