“Your work is your own private megaphone to tell the world what you believe.” —Simon Sinek

Intro to Art: Introduction to Animation

Can you spot the difference between these two?

I can:

  1. Demonstrate KNOWLEDGE by identifying the ANIMATION PROCESS in my notes.
  2. Explain my COMPREHENSION on the various ANIMATION TECHNIQUES.


Ceramics: “Open Sesame” Face-Off Challenge

I can:

  1. APPLY my ACTION PLAN’S idea(s) by constructing a clay wand for a character from FACE-OFF

Please remember not to forget to mark of your progress as you move through your ACTION PLAN steps.  You spent the time to create one, so don’t leave it alone until the very end.

Painting: Hero-Glypics Challenge

I can:

  1. APPLY my ideas for the upcoming challenge by developing a sketch for my painting

We’ve completed 3 days of research.  Now we move to organizing the ideas we’ve come up with to arrive at a plan for the painting.  Due at the end of the hour, is your ACTION PLAN with the following important information:

  • SYMBOLS TO BE USED (optional)

Drawing: Plumb Lines

I can:

  1. DEMONSTRATE my understanding of drawing SIGHT FOR SIZE by using the PLUMB LINES measuring technique.

We will be looking over some of the submissions from yesterday’s class.  When considering the DO’s and DON’T s of measuring, what issues did you find yourself making with this technique.  The PLUMB LINE practice will be due first thing tomorrow, NO LATE SUBMISSIONS.

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