“Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” -Anonymous

Intro to Art: Animation Cel Demo

I can:

  1. RECOGNIZE the proper steps and techniques needed to create an ANIMATION CEL through class demonstration
  2. LISTEN and DEMONSTRATE my understanding of the steps by following directions
Notice the layering affect to create just this one cel


Ceramics & Painting: Artist Statements and Self-Assessments

I can:

  1. EVALUATE your project challenge by DEFENDING the choices and techniques used on the task.
  2. WRITE an ARTIST STATEMENT using key vocabulary words in a variety of sentence structures.

Before you fire up one of the laptops today, make sure you are comfortable gaining access to the file(s) that you will need to complete these tasks.  You won’t be PRINTING anything up, but SHARING your work with me.  You’ll have 3 days to work with the computers, defend your choices, and evaluate the work you accomplished while working on this project.  Use the time to talk up your work!!!

Artist Statement and Self-Assessment file


Adv. Drawing: 40 Min. Pose Test

I can:

  1. APPLY practiced drawing techniques on a 3-Day figure drawing pose, as a part of my drawing portfolio

2-Days left…What techniques will you use to make the most of your time throughout the period that we will be working with this pose?


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