“Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” -Anonymous

Intro to Art: Animation Cel Exercise

I can:

  1. WRITE a SUMMARY of my work by using specific vocabulary terms related to ANIMATION

Take note of today’s goal and when you are required to turn it in.  Be sure that you are following the correct format, and have the every item ready to turn in on the deadline date.




Ceramics: Face Off “Freaks of Nature” Challenge

  1. Comprehend the process of making a plan by ORGANIZING my strategy for this project

Before we get started, let’s go over again what your focus will be for this project.  Once you feel comfortable with that, we need to start to come up with a PLAN.  Now you won’t know right away if this plan will work or not, however, you need to start thinking about the route you will take considering the CONTESTANT CHOICE.  Here you can start to think about a variety of different approaches you can use.  Please refer to the HELP FOLDER below for a better version of some of the characters.

Painting: Pop Art Challenge

I can:

  1. Create a PLAN for seeing out MY creative process on a painting challenge

Once the demo for this class has finished up, you will start the PLANNING period for this final piece.  Before you start with any materials, make sure you’re aware of what the CHALLENGE of this project is.  Try to not get tricked into PAINTING for PAINTING SAKE!



Adv. Drawing: Mannequization

I can:

  1. Demonstrate my skills of the MANNEQUIZATION technique by practicing on portraiture style drawings.


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