Intro to Art: Animation Final

I can:

  1. COMBINE my traditional animation cels with an EFFECTIVE and APPROPRIATE app for creating ANIMATION

I’ve collected a list of apps that you might want to check out before you start filming your short GIF.  Also remember that not only is the animation due Thursday, but you also will be turning in your cels as well as your background, which will all be considered in your final grade.


Ceramics 2: DNA “Face-Off” Challenge

I can:

  1. APPLY my ACTION PLAN’S idea(s) by constructing a strand of mutated DNA for a character from FACE-OFF

Studio time is coming to a close and the end of the card marking is near.  Don’t forget that along with the project portion of this challenge you also needed to create a back story that would describe how this mutation came to be.  Use the help folder if you get stuck coming up with ideas.



Painting 2: POP Art Challenge

I can:

  1. APPLY my ideas for the upcoming challenge by developing a sketch for my painting

It seems as though everyone made it through the PRE-PLANNING and PLANNING phase.  Your ACTION PLANS will be given back to you and now you have STUDIO time to start CREATING.


Adv. Drawing: Beginning Portraiture

I can:

  1. APPLY my skills in PORTRAITURE drawing to create a thumbnail drawing.

Today we are going to start more in-depth with the drawing of the face.  Some of you will need to have a reference photo to work from.  As we build from the skills that we used last week, remember that everything starts of with the “Ball” and “Plane” technique.  Try to find and solve where one plane of the face begins and one plane stops.

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