Intro to Art: Creating and Using Stencils

I can:

  1. CREATE a UNIQUE stencil that will be used in my final work

How far have you come since you first started the class?  What types of abilities have you gained?  What if anything has stood in your way -or- how have you overcome some of this classes biggest obstacles?


Ceramics: Pottery Wheel and Creative Bookends

I can:

  1. PRACTICE my skills using the POTTER’S WHEEL 


Painting: Ceiling Tile Prep Work

I can:

  1. DISCUSS my upcoming plans for my final painting
  2. PREPARE surfaces for POINTILLISM or BENDAY dot painting technique

Remember that your proposals for your ceiling tile are due today.  There are 3 specific ideas that you need to cover/touch on:

  • Subject your painting and the significance
  • Technique style (benday/pointillism)
  • Where the technique will be utilized


Adv. Drawing: Portraiture Lay-In

I can:

  1. DISCUSS the plans for my final portrait drawing
  2. PREDICT the layout for facial landmarks for a portrait drawing

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