Intro to Art: Using your Stencil

I can:

  1. APPLY specific techniques to my stencil to get a desired result.
  2. COMPLETE my piece by making the necessary choices needed to have a FINISHED project.

Before you go about turning in your piece along with the stencil, make sure that ALL the necessary adjustments have been made so that the QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP of your hard-work show through.

How far have you come since you first started the class?  What types of abilities have you gained?  What if anything has stood in your way -or- how have you overcome some of this classes biggest obstacles?


Ceramics: Pottery Wheel and Creative Bookends

I can:

  1. PRACTICE my skills using the POTTER’S WHEEL 


Painting: Ceiling Tile Prep Work

I can:

  1. APPLY basic drawing skills to transfer over my ceiling tile subject
  2. SOLVE basic painting issues with techniques that I have already practiced

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