Something looks new…or different

What!?!? A brand new post that might never get read by anyone other than me???

Summer vacation is off to a great start (well, being 4 weeks in and all) and I’ve decided to take a look at the daily goals site, and re-vamp some of the features.  I am looking for a cleaner, easier to locate and use interface that allows the students that visit a better experience when visiting.

So to test out the first of many new designs, I figured I would write a “random” summer posting about a great documentary that I just rented on Amazon Instant Video, entitled “Sign Painters.”

Surfing Gizmodo,  daily gadget and tech blog during the school year, I came across a really interesting post about people who hand paint signs.  I was fascinated with the trailer and could wait to get some time to myself and check out the film.  Take a look at this:


So, I finally am in the middle of this great documentary and wanted to post my feelings.  So far, I can’t believe the passion that these artists have about their craft!  It is empowering to hear them talk about the history and their experiences thus far, and really made me take a look at what I do and the course that I am taking.  This sort of brings me to the revamp of the goals website.

I’ve always wanted to provide you guys with a tool for experiencing my classes, and MrPappasTeach, for the most part has been a starting point.  Throughout the rest of the summer, I will be working on features that helps push the experience of taking my classes and using this site as a tool to push our courses even further!

Have a good rest of the summer, and see you soon!

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