Ceramics: Marble Pinch Pots


Quite a unique day today, due to the materials we will be using.  I’d like you to think about the state of your stamp and any adjustments that need to be made as we work through this week’s project. I’d also like you to consider the requirements for this project and how you will try to approach them throughout the various building stages.  What ideas do you have to complete your vision?

Intro to Art: Studying Value Scales


Your goal for today’s class should continue where we left off from yesterday.  We will be using drawing pencils to create a specific value scale that correctly identifies the hardness/softness of each drawing pencil.  It is important to make a note of issues you may have had when creating the value scales from yesterday’s class so that those mistakes are not repeated.

Painting: Color Theory


Since yesterday’s class had a “little” interruption, I figured that we would continue mapping out the specific needs for the color book you will be creating.  While the requirements will be posted on the board, you should really focus on which requirements, you feel may be difficult to complete.  As a result, these areas will be your goals that you will work on throughout the week.

Drawing: Understanding Value


Once you’ve finished with your warm-up, I would like you to focus on creating a 9 level Value Scale with your drawing pencils.  We will have a discussion on what this specifically means, however you should focus on the requirements for the exercise as your goal throughout class.

While the exercise seems simple, think about any areas that you may be overlooking or turning into the “marshmallow.”  These areas are the goals that you need to aim on completing.

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