Goals for the Day: Tuesday, Sept. 30

Ceramics: Dia de los Muertos Slab Skulls


  • Apply your understanding for BALANCE and SYMMETRY by identifying characteristics your art work.
  • Apply your understanding for developing a personal piece of artwork by following the steps outlined in your  ACTION PLAN

Couple of house keeping things now that I am back (by the way it’s good to be back).   Make sure before you leave today to store your Pinch Pots, we will be revisiting these in a few days when it comes to discussing GLAZE.  Make sure you’re trying your best to follow those steps you’ve outlined in your ACTION PLAN to get this current work finished up by the end of this week.


Intro to Art: Sketchbook Wrap-Up


  • Demonstrate your understanding for proper colored pencil techniques by completing a still-life drawing.


An extremely interesting object to use as a subject for a drawing, however with our week-long discussion on COLOR THEORY, I think a really fitting object to practice your skills.  I’d like you to observe a marble for a few seconds, what types of things do you notice about it?  How do the colors interact with each other?  Think about these observations as you work through this exercise over the next few days.


Painting: Abstract Color Theory Painting


  • Use the previously identified characteristics from a yesterday’s critique by developing an ACTION PLAN for your first painting.
  • Summarize the choices they will make on their first painting by listing various steps they will take to develop a finished piece.

I can’t wait to meet up one-on-one with you guys today to see what you have.  Remember, the deadline, and think about what goals you will be aiming for today so that you can complete this on time.


Drawing: Contour Line and Cross Contour Line


  • Compare two pieces of work based on ABILITY and REQUIREMENTS
  • Draw conclusions about the QUALITY of work created from a previous class

Man…it feels like forever since I have been here, but I want to go back to last week and discuss the CONTOUR-CROSS CONTOUR LINE quiz we all took.  We are going to take this class session to compare our drawings and draw some conclusions about specific areas we need to pay attention to.




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