Goals for the Day: Wed. Oct 8

“The question for each man is not what he would do if he had the means, time, influence and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has.” — Frank Hamilton, Musician

Completed Work CHECKLIST for ALL CLASS



  • Hypothesize the different ways you can use various types of materials and tools to create a specific idea

I’d like you to think about the very first challenge we had in this class…”THE MARSHMALLOW” challenge!  Remember the feelings you had when trying to figure out a solution to the problem?  All of those emotions you had using familiar materials, but in an nontraditional way!  Today’s challenge will follow in those foot steps, however directly be connected to our next project.  Before you start, I’d like you to think about how you are going to approach this goal.  At the end of the period we will revisit some of your goals and talk about your approach, and how successful you were!

Requirements for our first Pinch Pot project (CLICK HERE).

Requirements for the Day of the Dead project (CLICK HERE).  Think about what you need to accomplish in class today to get the left over items completed before you leave for the weekend.  As always I will be around to give you my advise, but remember to stick to your plan as much as possible.

Some people asked to see the slides from yesterday’s GLAZE presentation as well so, HERE IS THE LINK, if you would like to follow along on your personal devices.


Intro to Art: Creating Art That is INSPIRATIONAL and PERSONAL


  • Use the previously identified characteristics from a yesterday’s critique by developing an ACTION PLAN for your first painting.
  • Summarize the choices they will make on their first painting by listing various steps they will take to develop a finished piece.

We are going to take the first few minutes to BRAINSTORM ideas for your CREATIVE/INSPIRATIONAL COLOR WHEEL project that starts today.  Remember some of the items we discussed from yesterday’s class…

 What does it mean to be an artist? What are your BIGGEST FEARS about producing art and “being” an artist?

Think about the materials you are comfortable using, and the different ways they can be used.  You will have a good working PLAN before you leave class today!


Painting: Blending Techniques with Watercolor and Acrylic


  • Through experimentation, practice, and persistence, demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge in a chosen art form.


Thinking about working with WATERCOLORS and your experiences with Acrylics… based on PAST EXPERIENCES… what differences do you see being part of the process?

Biggest accomplishment with the watercolor today? how have you seen stagnation – non-experimentation / growth as an artist so far?

 Weekly Reflection:

  • What was (is going to be) helpful about 1) seeing your work from a distance and 2) hearing what others thought about the work you created?
  • What is something that you took away from the critique today – whether it be about YOUR work or about another person’s work.


Drawing: Working with COMPOSITION



  • Hypothesize ways in which art influences perception and understanding of human experiences.
  • Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas.


What are you nervous, apprehensive, afraid of when it comes to drawing in perspective? I mean… what do you struggle with?

Of ALL the drawings you created today, which one are you happiest with? WHY?

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