Ceramics: The De-Constructed Cube

Create & Produce

  • Students will apply their understanding of their ACTION PLAN, by building a 3-D model based off of their designed sketch.


I’d like you to think about how you will best approach today’s class.  What types of work can you get done and what is your GOAL moving forward with this period.  How will this time affect your tomorrow’s class period?

Review with neighbors the relationships of the SHAPES to FORMS.   When you look at your cube close…what types of  FORMS can you see being created by removing / adding clay?

What are you planning on doing TODAY to set yourself up for a productive WEEKEND?

Intro to Art: Lined Shapes Composition


  • Create a unique composition using LINED SHAPES, by applying your understanding from previously practiced techniques.



What are the challenges you have been having with this process? What colors have you begun using and how easy / hard has this been for you?

Painting: Saturday Morning Heroes



  • Recall information from a prior class and demonstrate your understanding by creating an original acrylic painting.
  • Apply your understanding of their ACTION PLAN, by painting an original idea based off their designed notes/sketch.


REMEMBER, there are many different items that you will be responsible for in starting / completing this painting.  Our theme is a bit unique, so make sure as you look for images to use as reference you are keeping in mind the steps we took on our classroom exercise.

 What are you planning on doing TODAY to set yourself up for a productive WEEKEND

Drawing: Grid Enlargement Day 3


  • Practice the approach of GRID ENLARGEMENT drawing by practicing an in class demonstration.
  • Identify specific steps used to enlarge an image, by creating a practiced sketch of a photograph

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