Goals for the Day: Mon. Nov. 10

Ceramics: Cylindrical Container (LID)


Describe the specific steps needed to create a CONTAINER LID by following an in class demo and listing steps in your notes.

We will be revisiting the project from last week to start the final area of construction.  While we move through this demonstration I’d like you to consider the following concerns:

  • What type of stage is your clay in?
  • What “things” do you need to consider to keep this project WORKABLE?

Does your LID work the way you ORIGINALLY INTENDED?


Intro to Art: 2pt Perspective Drawing


Create a composition showing proper use of SPACE and DEPTH, by following an in-class demonstration on 2 PT PERSPECTIVE DRAWING

I know we are reviewing the steps again today, but I’d like to take just a little more time to talk about the rules and how they work within both styles of perspective drawing.  Make sure as you follow along with the class demonstration, that you are thinking about these questions:


  • How do 2 PT and 1PT PERSPECTIVE RULES compare?


What areas from last week’s demonstration(s) made sense, and which one’s do you have difficulty MASTERING (able to “teach” to anyone)


Painting: Acrylic Textures


  1. Continue with identifying specific characteristics of creating TEXTURE by blending various ACRYLIC MEDIUMS.
  2. Build a WORKING KNOWLEDGE (you can define them, and use them with confidence) of vocabulary terms that are SPECIFIC to PAINTING, by re-writing the meanings in your own terms on your demonstrated notes.

We will be wrapping up these demonstrations today, and move onto an actual class painting together.  As we wrap this up I’d like you to partner up and talk about the following ideas:


  • What types of TEXTURES are you starting to notice work well with ACRYLIC paint?  
  • What issues are you having when it comes to using new MEDIUMS to get a desired effect?


As the we experiment, I’d like you to think back to the various materials we’ve used and answer this week’s Weekly Reflection using the starter:

  • “Of all the new techniques practice this week, I can see myself using ______ because of ….”
  • “To reach this specific affect, I’d combine _______ and ______ because of…”


Drawing: the CHUCK CLOSE experiment


  1. Decide on the proper materials, measurements, and proportions on your personal drawing by referring to previously practiced classroom techniques.
  2. Listen to directions and be able to retell specific steps taken in the GRID ENLARGEMENT process by checking your peers work through a private critique.

Keeping in mind there is not a wrong or right answer, What types of SHAPES are you going to focus on as you move through the various details of your portrait?  Are those SHAPES really there?  What does it mean to SIMPLIFY the box?

What are you PLANNING now so that TOMORROW will be successful?

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