Goals for the Day: Mon. Dec. 1

Ceramics: Mugs w/Handles

Create & Produce

  1. Create a CYLINDRICAL vessel, in which the thickness is uniform to ensure not only proper drying, but also a sound structure to attach a WORKING handle using the SLIP & SCORE construction method.

Studio time today will be used to create a vessel that will be used for tomorrow’s class and attaching the clay handle.  Take note that in today’s goal, each of you will be responsible in making sure that the clay’s thickness is UNIFORM, meaning the same throughout, to ensure it dries evenly and allows the handle to be attached properly.  Below you will find a couple of demo videos I’ve made explaining the process you will try out tomorrow.

Making a clay handle for a mug

Attaching a clay handle for a mug

Intro to Art: Introduction to Tessellations

Creating & Producing

How to Create a TRANSLATION tessellation

Painting: Textured Quote Painting

Drawing: Advanced 1PT Perspective Drawing

Creating & Producing

Part 1: Roof Overhangs

Part 2: Openings & Thicknesses

Part 3: Sidewalks

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