Goals for the Day: Tues. Dec. 2

Ceramics: Mugs w/Handles

Create & Produce

  1. Create a WORKING HANDLE for your CYLINDRICAL vessel, in which the thickness is uniform to ensure not only proper drying, but also a sound structure to FUNCTION AS A HANDLE SHOULD using the SLIP & SCORE construction method.

Studio time today will be used to create your handle that will be attached during class.  While it seems like a relatively simple process, attaching the handle can be one of the most over looked process to creating a mug.  As I stressed yesterday, the purpose of creating this project is not only to make a mug, but to make a working mug with a handle that stays on your vessel.  Some people will over look this and make excuses as to why their handles don’t work.  Please follow the steps outlined in the videos below for the proper construction technique.

Making a clay handle for a mug

Attaching a clay handle for a mug

Intro to Art: Introduction to Tessellations

Creating & Producing

How to Create a ROTATIONAL tessellation

or if you’d like to watch a version with less math vocabulary…

Painting: Textured Quote Painting

Creating & Producing

  1. Apply your understanding of the ACTION PLAN created in a previous class, by painting an original idea based off your designed notes/sketch

Since we are quickly approaching our deadline for this painting, I’d like to link to the slide outline of what each day’s goals should be based on.  As you gather your materials, don’t forget to be setting reachable goals based off of your daily progress.

Drawing: Advanced 1PT Perspective Drawing

Creating & Producing

Part 1: Roof Overhangs

Part 2: Openings & Thicknesses

Part 3: Sidewalks

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