Goals for the Day: Wed. Dec. 3

Allen Park/Melvindale Art show debriefing survey CLICK HERE

Ceramics: Handle Construction and Introduction to Sculpting


1.  Evaluate your abilities in CONSTRUCTION and APPLICATION of a handle for the mug you’ve made in a previous class.

2.  Develop a clear understanding for the MEANING and PURPOSE of sculpting

Before we get into our evaluation of our mugs, I’d like you to follow THIS LINK and take the first few minutes out of class to answer, ANONYMOUSLY, the survey about your handle construction and application.


Intro to Art: Making Tessellation


1. Evaluate your abilities in CREATING different types of tessellation designs.

2. Explain areas of concern you may have with TESSELLATION specific vocabulary.

Before we start, I’d like you to take a quick survey by click on THIS LINK, and describing your experiences with this style of art.  We will do a little trouble shooting today in class and go over each style so that you can double-check your designs before moving on to the last Tessellation option.  Be sure to label your designs so that you can keep the separate during this process.

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