Goals for the Day: Wed. Dec. 10

Mid-Term Project: Ugly Mug Student Survey

Ceramics: Pre-Planning your Final Project


1. Dedicate class-time to UNDERSTANDING and gaining KNOWLEDGE for the requirements of the final project.

I want to get some feedback from you guys today. Right above this post, you find a link to a simple survey where I would like you to head at the beginning of class.  Take some time today to fill out this form and we will go over any concerns you might have, both as a class, and as an individual.

 Artist Statement Card link

Intro to Art: Tessellation Octahedron


1.  understand the specific steps and pre-planning involved to create a UNIQUE, TESSELLATION design.

2. Be able to confidently discuss the steps needed to consider when creating a TESSELLATION

We will be wrapping up today with our final work with tessellation designs.  While most of the work we have been practicing involves specific steps, the most important take-away from today class is that you have the ability to discuss KEY differences (like where the cut-out pieces relocate to, and how to relocate the next tracing) by working through any issues you have in class.  I will point out some areas that trip students up a bit, but your responsibility is to take class time and work out any issues that you might have since we will be referring to this art style for our final project.


Painting: Creating a Glazing Grid


  1. use a GLAZING GRID to identify and understand concepts connected to  transparency, semi-transparency, or opacity
  2. orally ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using PAINTING SPECIFIC VOCABULARY/TERMS.

Throughout class time over the next few days, we will be experimenting with glazing techniques and acrylic paint.  This is the last area that the PAINTING 1 course covers in regards to painting techniques, which means we will soon be approaching your MID-TERM project.  Up to this point, the techniques that we have practiced will need to be fully understood as to which direction you decide to take on your final painting.


Drawing: Continued Work with 2PT Perspective

Produce & Connect

  1. Refer back to 1PT Perspective rules, to CREATE objects that use SPACE and DEPTH in a 2PT drawing
  2. Be able to point out KEY DIFFERENCES in both drawing styles, as well as identify most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

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