Welcome to the Second Semester

I hope everyone’s midterms went well!

As we start to head down the road of our second and last (so sad) semester together, I wanted to take a chance and get some information from you, so that you can stay in touch with your daily goals and receive feedback a bit easier throughout the card markings and major projects that take place over the next few months.

Take a moment to fill out the form below, and make sure you are fill it out for the right course you are enrolled in (for those of you who have me twice, you will have to fill this out for each class).  Be sure to double-check that your email address are spelled correctly, or else you won’t receive anything once feedback is sent.



Painting 2: Watercolor Experiments (Brushes and Brush Marks)

  1. DEMONSTRATE your existing knowledge for basic painting techniques by CREATING a series of painting samples in grid form. (APPLICATION)
  2. ORALLY  ask any questions about the project demonstration you may have using complete sentences. (COMPREHENSION)

Ok here we go…

We are going to start off our focus in Watercolor with a few days of experimentation as well as some discussion on CHARACTERISTICS/QUALITIES of watercolor, the materials and tools as well as how to manage the supplies that you will be using in class.  Each day we will focus on a specific area so that we can build a guide or handbook to refer to as you wish to achieve different results.



Adv. Drawing:  Portfolio Piece Pre-Test

  1. DEMONSTRATE your existing knowledge involving basic drawing skills and techniques by CREATING a finished figure drawing study.  (APPLICATION)
  2. ORALLY  ask questions about the project demonstration you may have using complete sentences and specific vocabulary. (COMPREHENSION)

We start today on a 3 day focus on creating a FINISHED FIGURE DRAWING.  While this is going to be looked at as a Pre-Test, don’t let this overshadow the fact that this drawing should be of the highest quality that you can create right now.  You all need to understand the PACING of the next three days, and try to figure out on your own the best approach, as well as what types of marks need to be produced to create a finished drawing.  


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