Goals for the Day: Thurs. Jan. 5

Ceramics 2: Test Tiles and Relief Stamps

 1. DEMONSTRATE your ability to describe the significance of KEY GLAZING terms by explaining their definition.

2.  DEMONSTRATE your knowledge for proper glazing techniques by listing the steps needed to properly glaze your project.

Today we’ll be talking about some key terms involved with glazing.  Be sure to make note of these and what there purpose(s) are in the process of glazing.  You can check out the video below maybe to give a little better of an insight to the actual terminology.

Intro to Art: Surrealism Thumbnails

Japanese Pop Surrealism by Yosuke Ueno

  1. DEMONSTRATE your existing knowledge involving basic art making skills and techniques by CREATING a series of thumbnail sketches to be used for finished drawing.
  2. FOCUS your techniques and prior knowledge on creating thumbnails that have DISTORTION and PROPORTION characteristics.


Painting 2:  Watercolor Experiment Grid

    1. APPLY your watercolor skills by creating a series of experimental techniques using their prior knowledge of how watercolors work.
    2. ORALLY  ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences

We set up our grid and color wheel layout yesterday so that we could focus the next few days on actually experimenting with this new material.  I’ve attached a video that demonstrates a few of the techniques that are our chart.  You may want to give a look as you painting this afternoon to compare some of the techniques.

Adv. Drawing: Controlling your Pencil to Create Value

    1. APPLY  the proper technique for sharpening a charcoal pencil by creating a value drawing
    2. CREATE a series of warm-up exercises to use practice on a daily basis before starting on longer drawings.

Not that I think you guys need it, but I’ve always enjoyed looking up quick tutorials when shading, just to serve as a “checklist” when looking at my techniques.  The video quality of the link I am attaching is not the best, however, a lot of the terms that are used are the same.  Take a look throughout the hour and compare your work to the demonstration.

One Reply to “Goals for the Day: Thurs. Jan. 5”

  1. I got the information down abiut diffrent ways of firing but i kind of fell off when you started talking about the glaze. If you could before we start to glaze can you go back over that a little tomorrow.

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