Goals for the Day: Tues. Feb. 10


 1. DEMONSTRATE your ability to describe the significance of KEY GLAZING terms by explaining their definition.

2.  DEMONSTRATE your knowledge for proper glazing techniques by listing the steps needed to properly glaze your project.

Today we are firing, so while most will be under the assumption that it is a free day, think about the two projects (and more importantly the requirements) and make sure that both the test tile and your relief stamp will past the test.

Intro to Art: Watercolor Experiments

  1. COMPREHEND characteristics of watercolor techniques by following an in class demonstration
  2. WRITE down important terminology while making observations/comparisons of inc class demonstrations and student practice by participating with guided notes.


Painting 2:  Watercolor Experiment Grid

    1. APPLY your watercolor skills by creating a series of experimental techniques using their prior knowledge of how watercolors work.
    2. ORALLY  ask any questions about the project demonstration they may have using complete sentences

We set up our grid and color wheel layout yesterday so that we could focus the next few days on actually experimenting with this new material.  I’ve attached a video that demonstrates a few of the techniques that are our chart.  You may want to give a look as you painting this afternoon to compare some of the techniques.


Adv. Drawing: Introduction to Gesture Drawing

What type of MOTION do you notice in these gesture sketches? How does the artist use C-S-I lines to create this motion?
    1. INTERPRET their understanding of GESTURE drawing by experimenting with a series of fast paced figure studies.
    2. IDENTIFY characteristics of a gesture drawing by locating and describing where they are in their drawings.

We’ll continue where we left of from yesterday’s class with our timed gesture drawings.  Make sure to warm-up before we you get started.

A major take away from today’s class will be how to evaluate whether or not a drawing is successful in capturing motion and what can be done to make adjustments.

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