Ceramics 2: Intergalactic Champions Challenge

Spend some time in class really thinking about your CONCEPT. What is your idea? Can the REQUIREMENTS for this project help you think about the final project?
  1. DESCRIBE your understanding of PROJECT REQUIREMENTS by participating in an artist(s) demonstration.
  2. LISTEN and reflect on the demonstrated techniques used to create an original piece by observing a professional artist.

Again…the most important part to this challenge is your CONCEPT (or idea) for what your piece is going to look like.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there any information (visual and factual) about the galaxy that can help with my idea?
  • Does the galaxy have some sort of characteristic that would help determine a specific event?
  • What things do you already know about the limitations of clay that could help you figure out how far you could stretch your project idea?


Intro to Art: Contrast and Composition

We’ve already started with the most basic, yet extreme case of CONTRAST, but how else can you use CONTRAST to setup a composition?

  1. Build COMPREHENSION skills by discussing the various ways artists compose a piece of art.
  2. Orally defend and explain their choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Painting 2: Introduction to Composition

Have you made sure that your drawing matches the character font as closely as possible?

  1. Develop COMPREHENSION skills by discussing the various ways artists compose a piece of art.
  2. CREATE a template which will be used to crop and organize their design.


Adv. Drawing: Continued work with the Bean

  1. APPLY your ability to locate appendages on the body through  a series of quick sketches from a model or pose by emphasizing GEOMETRIC FORMS. in 1 Minute Gesture drawings.
  2. IDENTIFY characteristics of a gesture drawing by locating and describing where they are in their drawings.

We spent time working yesterday on finding appendages on the model.  As you work through the drawings of “the BEAN,” I’d like you to consider what forms (sphere, cylinder, cube) would make up arms and legs.  We will take some time to locate these on our models in this week’s pose packets

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