Goals for the Day: Mon. March 23

Ceramics 2: Intergalactic Champions

  1. DESCRIBE your understanding of PROJECT REQUIREMENTS by creating and finishing an ACTION PLAN
  2. Orally defend and explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Again…the most important part to this challenge is your CONCEPT (or idea).  The appearance/description is important, but the definition of a concept is much more than that.  Many of you are missing some key points to your projects, and while a few have actually started producing something, I would argue that many of you are a bit lost as to what your idea really means.  Before you start grabbing clay and working on the appearance you should have a general idea for what and why these awards/trophy are in for.  Some of you really need to focus a bit within the requirements and information in the HELP FOLDER.


Intro to Art: Contrasting Compositions

  1. APPLY your understanding of the COMPOSITIONAL LAYOUT and CONTRAST to create a series paintings which fulfills the challenges 4 requirements.
  2. Be able to orally explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Moving into this week, I want to make sure that before you start each one of you are comfortable with what the requirements are for this project.  Sometimes there is a difference in opinions or interpretation when it comes to “PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.”  Spend some time today to write down these requirements either in your sketchbook, or on the back of your compositions, and check them off as you finish them.

 Painting 2: Typographical Triptych Challenge

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding of COMPOSITION skills by creating a series of thumbnails that will be used in your final composition
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We absolutely need to spend some time on understanding what a TRIPTYCH is.  From last week’s practice, there were some obvious concerns that I have in regards to the level of understanding.

Follow this POLLEVERYWHERE link, to participate in today’s discussion and get to the bottom of what a Triptych really is.

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