Goals for the Day: Tues. March 24

Ceramics 2: Intergalactic Champions

  1. DESCRIBE your understanding of PROJECT REQUIREMENTS by creating and finishing an ACTION PLAN
  2. Orally defend and explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

Take a look at our calendar for the upcoming week again.  You’ll notice that tomorrow is a “Demo Day,”  meaning, I will demonstrating a few techniques that I think should be used when considering your FINISH requirement(s).


Intro to Art: Contrasting Compositions

  1. APPLY your understanding of the COMPOSITIONAL LAYOUT and CONTRAST to create a series paintings which fulfills the challenges 4 requirements.
  2. Be able to orally explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We are in the thick of it.  You will using this class time to work on both compositions, while I come around and see how you’re doing.  Keep in mind what our goals are, and your level of understanding when it comes to backing up your choices.

 Painting 2: Typographical Triptych Challenge

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding of COMPOSITION skills by creating a series of thumbnails that will be used in your final composition
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

A lot of really good information came out yesterday.  As you work through “researching” your font and coming up with your 9 thumbnails today and tomorrow, I’d like you to consider a few things that may help you understand whether or not your achieving a successful TRIPTYCH composition.

  • Is my FONT/CHARACTER interesting?
  • Have I used COMPOSITION to crop out space and make a more visually appealing image?
  • How can I CREATIVELY use what I know about cropping to create a series of thumbnails?


Adv. Drawing: 3-5-7 Min Bean with Appendages Drawings

APPLY your ability to locate appendages on the body through  a series of quick sketches from a model or pose by emphasizing GEOMETRIC FORMS. in 3-5-and 7 Minute Gesture drawings.

IDENTIFY characteristics of a gesture drawing by locating and describing where they are in their drawings.

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