Goals for the Day: Wed. March 25

Ceramics 2: Demo Day

  1. DESCRIBE your understanding of PROJECT REQUIREMENTS by participating in an artist(s) demonstration.
  2. LISTEN and reflect on the demonstrated techniques used to create an original piece by observation.

Today we will take some time demonstrating some techniques and answering questions on the best ways to approach finishing your projects.  Before you are able to leave today, I would like you to fill out the form below so that I can get a better view for your approach and level of understanding of how you plan on approaching the finishing requirement.


Intro to Art: Contrasting Compositions Challenge

  1. APPLY your understanding of the COMPOSITIONAL LAYOUT and CONTRAST to create a series paintings which fulfills the challenges 4 requirements.
  2. Be able to orally explain your choices by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We are going to take a look today at the fourth requirement:

4. Student can explain not only the COMPOSITION(s) that they have chosen, (along with their contrasting color schemes) but also can explain where the CONTRAST for the layout comes in and why they felt it was the best choice for this challenge.

My concern here is that I want to be sure that you are aware and understanding to the reasons you made the choices you did.  A huge fear of mine (with any project) is that the choices being made in the art making experience are not those of the artist, they are just “COPIED” from what someone thinks is correct.  We will spend some time today looking at each other’s work to try and figure out where the fourth requirement is at, and how best to EXPLAIN it.


Painting 2: Typographical Triptych Challenge

  1. DEMONSTRATE your understanding of COMPOSITION skills by creating a series of thumbnails that will be used in your final composition
  2. Be able to orally defend and explain your opinions by responding to PROJECT REQUIREMENTS.

We spent some time on CHARACTER and FONT selection yesterday.  Today, you will be putting all of that knowledge to work, creating your set of thumbnails.


Adv. Drawing: The Bean (with Appendages) QUIZ

Today we will be starting the first half of our BEAN Quiz.  Since you will have the majority of the hour to work on it, I will explain a bit of the setup before we jump into the actual drawing.  Remember the techniques (both Drawing and Observational) that we’ve have practiced over the past few days. Remember I am here to support your drawing as well, so if something looks weird, ask for assistance.

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  1. For the artist demonstration I would demonstrate the purpose of my project and what it has to do with my galaxy so it can relate to my trophy

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